Blessings. noun. A bestowment of good, a prayer asking for God’s favor.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

This week, even in the crazy that is midterms (or whatever you’re up against), may you stay present.

That sounds weird when applied to big, tough times. Staying present seems more relevant to small, sweet moments of everyday life. You don’t want it to apply to the week of heavy deadlines and the pressure cooker of classes ending. You want to speed through this week and get to the good stuff at the end.

But even so, you have been given this week of life. You have been entrusted with five days where you get to feel sunshine and see flaming leaves and get texts that make you laugh. May you actually live these days. May you not just hunger for weekends, though they seem a little sweeter. Seek joy and fulfillment in the madness of Monday through Friday. It’s normal to be stressed and overwhelmed, when staring down so many tasks and so few hours. But don’t let your worry steal five precious days.

Blessings on your week, friend.


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