About the Girl


Hello, and welcome to Girl, Defined!

My name is Anna. I’m a Minnesota girl trying to make a career out of my love for books and spunky middle schoolers. Summertime, polka dots, chalkboards, well-crafted sentences, time spent with my long-distance boyfriend, and my family and dearest friends make me happy.

I started this blog during my sophomore year of college as a way to share the words bouncing around in my head. I named it Girl, Defined because, as a fledgling writer and double major in English Education and ESL Education, words were a significant part of my life. They helped me untangle my thoughts, connect with God, and name the directions I wanted my life to go.

Now, I’m a brand-new English teacher who’s still figuring out who I am and how to build a life of meaning and beauty. In this space, you’ll find musings on how I find Jesus in everyday moments, ramblings about life as a twenty-something, and a few glimpses into what makes my life a bit more lovely.

Look around! I hope you’ll find words that resonate with you.



5 thoughts on “About the Girl

  1. Is this a secret blog that your family can’t know about? Ha ha, ’cause now we do!
    Love, Mom

    • The secret is out! (No, I just wasn’t talking about it because I didn’t know if I would ever get my act together and actually start this up…)

  2. The secret’s REALLY out now! Even I, your social medialess high school English teacher, have found you out, thanks to connections I still manage to maintain. I’m with you on so many levels: snail mail, insecurities, procrastination. Lovely blog. I’ve just signed up to “follow” you. Hope you don’t mind. (And I promise to NEVER correct a thing you write.)

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