Blessings. noun. A bestowment of good, a prayer asking for God’s favor.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Sometimes Mondays are hard. Today seems to be another un-extraordinary beginning. The week ahead seems to stretch long, the days colored light gray and smudged with sameness. You look ahead to homework, and work, and little else.

This is not how you want your week to look. You wish that your days were always Saturday-night sparkly. You wish that your evenings were full of things jazzier than homework. You wish your weeks always felt inspired and crackled with potential.

But constant excitement is not your life right now. It is not what God has called you to. He has called you to this, here, now.

This week, he does not require that you manufacture high-flying sparks and firecrackers and zig-zagging variety. He does not require that you are giddy about all that you do. Instead, he requires that you are faithful with the job, the hard and holy work, he has given you. And while typing another lesson plan and grading more grammar homework does not seem glam or particularly important, you are right where he wants you. These things have purpose beyond passing your classes and getting a paycheck. Maybe that purpose seems small and un-sexy, but it is there. It is worth finding and working towards.

This week, may you show up and put up with that hard work. May you go forth with purpose and learn to find the holy in what you do. May you continue in the call that God has given you in this week, as ordinary as it may seem.

Blessings on your week, friend.


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