Goals: Christmas Edition

Goals. noun. The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.


It’s time for another round of seasonal goals! This practice feels especially important to me during Advent. The season blitzes by every year, and if I don’t prioritize the things I want to do, they easily get forgotten. (Besides, my obnoxious goal-oriented personality doesn’t turn off, even during the holidays.)

Here’s how I’m hoping to celebrate this month:

  1. Finish Christmas shopping by the first week in December. (Because I think/stress way too much about this until I just get it done.)
  2. Attend a holiday concert.
  3. Host (or co-host) a Christmas party.
  4. Drive around to admire holiday decorations.
  5. Watch It’s a Wonderful Life.
  6. Bake Christmas cookies.
  7. Read an Advent devotional.
  8. Write at least one holiday card to someone I value.
  9. Pay for the coffee or food of the person in line behind me.
  10. Bring cookies to my neighbors.
  11. Give a gift to someone in need.
  12. Reflect on 2016 and set priorities for the new year.

My calendar is already full for December, but we’ll see what happens!

Curious about my goals for this fall and whether I succeeded? Here’s the update as the season ends.

  1. Go for a drive to admire the leaves – I took the scenic route down a street with beautiful trees. Close enough for my purposes.
  2. Run outside at least once/week (until it gets too cold) – Meh. I did a few times! But I was not consistent.
  3. Go apple picking…twice!
  4. then make caramel apples or apple cake. I made apple cake AND apple pan dowdy.
  5. Go to a farmer’s market – Did you know there’s a farmer’s market next to the Guthrie? I went there. It was cold.
  6. Go to a football game – I didn’t pay any attention at UNW’s homecoming game…but I was there.
  7. Read outside – I specifically went outside one day so I could meet this goal. Done.
  8. Finish one embroidered quote – Didn’t even start.
  9. Watch a documentary – Hamilton’s America is spectacular.
  10. Get into a (very loose) blogging schedule – Yes! The schedule may fall apart in December, but I lasted through the fall.

8/10 – not too shabby!

What are your goals for this holiday season?


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4 thoughts on “Goals: Christmas Edition

  1. My goals for December are to avoid repeating last year, wherein I did no Christmas shopping till December 26, had a cold all month, didn’t decorate till almost break, and generally barely survived. So far I’ve already decorated and shopped some for immediate family, and I bought oranges to ward off illness. So far, so good! (Your goals sound much more fun!)

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