Goals (April 2016)

Goals. noun. The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

goals pic

In 2016, I’ve been writing small goals at the beginning of the month. It helps motivate me to do all of the little things I’m always meaning to do but never accomplish without some accountability. It’s been a good way to keep me more adventurous/responsible/intentional.

However. In March, this strategy failed me. Here are the results:

  1. Keep track of my finances – It’s a funny story, this goal. I got some great recommendations from friends (thanks!) for tools to help out spreadsheet-challenged me. In the end, I decided to try the Wally app, because it didn’t need to sync with a bank account (my bank is too small for such fanciness), was more of a spending tracker than a detailed budget calculator, and could be easily updated on the go. I consistently entered how much I spent and admired the nice categories. And yet I still had a moment where I almost couldn’t buy gas because I’d forgotten to move money from my savings to my checking. Lesson learned. Now I have even more motivation to figure this out.
  2. Be intentional about going outside – yes! Being in DC for a week, where it was sometimes warm enough for bare legs(!) didn’t hurt.
  3. Try a community ed class – nope.
  4. Clean out my closet and sell/donate rejects – I did pare down my closet a bit, so that’s progress. But the rejects are still sitting in a suitcase.

I have a number of excuses for my 1.5/4 record. (I had a job! I was traveling for 1/3 of the month!) But I realize that I’m the only one who actually cares if I accomplish these goals, so there. I’m trying again in April.

  1. Work out 2x per week – I played in a teacher basketball tournament last weekend, and I remembered how nice endorphins are. I need them back in my life.
  2. Visit one new book-ish place in the area – Library? Fun bookstore? I don’t have a specific destination in mind yet, but it sounds fun to play hometown tourist AND check out some new reads.
  3. Make dinner for someone other than just myself – Social interaction is good. Making real food is good. Having motivation to do my dishes is good.
  4. Try hand lettering tutorials – I talk about hand lettering way too much for someone who is only okay at it, but it’s a simple way for me to keep creative juices flowing. I have some tutorials from Ian Barnard printed and ready to roll…now to sit down and do them.
  5. Take reject clothes to consignment stores and/or Goodwill – I have a tendency to take unneeded clothes out of my closet and let them linger in boxed-up purgatory so I don’t have to let go of something I might need…someday…even if it doesn’t fit perfectly. That sounds suspiciously like hoarding. No more.


What are your goals for April?


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