February (2016)

February. proper noun. Recognized as Black History Month, the month of Valentines Day and Groundhogs Day; also the time in which we all pine for spring.


I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer to share what I’ve been into this month. Honestly, I’m not sad to say goodbye to February. Winter starts to suck at this point every year, and the post-college angst hit hard in this month’s transitions. But there were still some lovely moments.


All Fall Down – Ally Carter. This is a fast-paced YA mystery about a girl who saw her mother’s murder and the rest of the population of Embassy Row who thinks she’s crazy. This book will keep you hooked. However, Grace’s narration was a little whiny for me and the cliffhanger ending where everything has changed! But you must read the next book to find out how! is not my favorite literary technique.

Ishmael – E.D.E.N. Southworth. I’m following Modern Mrs. Darcy’s 2016 Reading Challenge, and this is my pick for the category where someone close to me (in my case, the boyfriend) chose a book for me to read. I can see why he picked this one – it’s one of the books that most inspired him during his high school years, and I enjoyed reading it to see the kind of person he idealizes. The main character is almost too perfect for me, though.

Anne of Green Gables – L.M. Montgomery. The sweetest book in all the land. I reread this one for the Reading Challenge as a book I’ve read before. Now I just want to move to Avonlea and become Anne Shirley. That’s all.

I Remember Nothing – Nora Ephron. I expected this book of essays to be just as delightful as Ephron’s other works, like You’ve Got Mail. Unfortunately, I think her writing needs narration (or Tom Hanks?) to come alive for me. It was fine.

Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis. Lewis is the master of metaphor, and he makes theology clear and beautiful. This book is classic for a reason.

Currently Reading: Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire – Rafe Esquith; The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith.



I have some shame in admitting that I’m having a Justin Bieber moment right now. Especially with this song.



Charlie Puth – One Call Away. Related: I listen to the same music as my seventh graders. I should maybe be concerned by this.


Sense and Sensibility, as pregaming for a theater production. As well as the BBC Pride and Prejudice. (Again, I know. But with my mom this time.)

This YouTube series. Sensing a theme yet?

Gilmore Girls, because apparently Jane Austen alone doesn’t offer enough relational drama.



My parents and I laughed until we cried over this. (Side note: I’m possibly the only twenty-something on the planet who knows what the Lawrence Welk Show is.)


This is such a good reminder during February (because Valentine’s Day does such wacky things to our romantic expectations).

The new GIF feature in Facebook messages. Group messages with my siblings will never be the same.

This is fantastic. So is that guy’s smile. He just won’t quit.



  • Becoming a real teacher! This month, I interviewed for, got, prepared for, and started my first teaching job. I’m teaching ELA at the middle school where I student taught, and I’m still getting a thrill from being able to tell cashiers at Target that I am an actual teacher. The middle of the year start date makes for some unique challenges: for example, we skipped right over any honeymoon period and are hard at work establishing new routines and expectations. But I love getting to know the kids and having my own classroom.
  • Before the job: 2 weeks at home. Highlights include: time with family, crafting during a blizzard, watching a lot of basketball, and subbing for a few days in a preschool class. I was more terrified to enter a class of 3-year-olds than of middle schoolers, honestly.
  • A weekend with the boyfriend. The overlapping of President’s Day (3-day weekend, yo) with Valentine’s Day was a happy coincidence. We fit in dancing, a play, ice skating, visits with both of our families, and lots of long talks.
  • Catching up with friends. I got to enjoy some long talks and a production of Sense and Sensibility by my alma mater’s theater department with dear company. So fun.


What have you been into this month?


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