Goals (February)

Goals. noun. The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

goals pic

Back around New Year’s, I decided that I wanted to jump on the bandwagon of bloggers who create a monthly bucket list. There are so many little, life-giving things that I’m always meaning to do, but I never get around to unless I have an extra kick in the pants. I did a trial run in January, and I loved how it increased my intentionality, so I’m going to continue this month!

First, a check-in from last month:

  1. Go to CorePower yoga – I actually used up the one-month pass my roommate gave me. It was great! (Except for one class from hell that you can read about here.)
  2. Try one new recipe – I made not one, but FOUR things I’ve never made before. Easy risotto, broccoli rice casserole for my siblings (my brother asked for the recipe, which I count as a raging success), banana chocolate chip muffins, and broccoli soup.
  3. Go out for coffee with a friend – Done! So wonderful, and exactly what we both needed.
  4. Finish online art class – Bah! Not yet…
  5. Watch the BBC Pride & Prejudice – This was life-changing and magical. I am not exaggerating.



Even Jane Austen herself could not have dreamed up a more PERFECT Mr. Darcy

Now, on my plate for February:

  1. Organize all of my teaching resources – I would put GET A TEACHING JOB on this list, but I don’t have that much control over that. I can control if I’m actually prepared for a teaching job, which means getting all of my handouts/worksheets/lesson ideas organized so they’re actually helpful.
  2. Finish online art class – I’m determined.
  3. Hand-letter 2 quotes – I lettered a Harry Potter quote for a gift last month and had tons of fun. My next goal is to scan my designs so I can print them off in multiple sizes.
  4. Go ice skating – I’m a terrible ice skater, but I need to do an outdoor activity so I’ll have a better attitude about winter.
  5. Not buy any clothes that are not from a consignment/thrift store – I’ve been trying to limit my clothes buying since I’ve been student teaching because 1. no income, and 2. I didn’t really need This is the point of winter where I always want to buy everything, so I need an extra bit of accountability.


What do you hope to accomplish this month?

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