Blessings. noun. A bestowment of good, a prayer asking for God’s favor.

Jason via Flickr

Jason via Flickr

This new year still has a bit of shine to it. The six at the end is still unfamiliar, substituted for a five too often. It still holds possibility and freshness.

This can excite, all those blank days ahead. Who knows what wonders this new start may bring. Or this can paralyze. You see all that’s wrong, right now, and all the ways things may continue to spiral out of your grasp.

Maybe you’re seeing your loneliness. You wonder where your friends have gone and why everyone is so busy but you. The open, empty days look dreary. Have you done something wrong? Is there something wrong with you?

Maybe you’re bored. You’ve lost your purpose, somehow, and you’re not sure why you’re taking up space on the planet. Passion and curiosity and motivation have evaporated, and you’re left staring dully at your laptop screen.

Maybe you’re drowning. Stress comes in waves, knocking you down just as you’ve caught your breath. You’re tired of being tired. You want rest, for the panic in your heart to quiet, and for the racing in your mind to slow.

In this season of resolutions, you want to fix it all. You want a perfection of a life. You want to build more meaningful relationships and get fit and not spend so much time on Facebook and not buy so many scarves and eat less pizza and budget and live a balanced life.

You can’t do it all.

You don’t have to.

As you stare down this blank new year, wanting something better, I pray you would start small. If you want a richer life, build it, one tiny choice at a time. Today, this week, this month, find one thing that makes you feel alive. Think of what makes you most energized, what makes you lose track of time, what makes you feel like the truest version of yourself.

And then do it.

Write. Read. Color. Knit. Run. Bake. Paint. Dance. Organize. Talk. Listen. Hug.

Do your thing. Even if you have to do it alone. Even if it requires being brave and getting off the couch. Even if you have to carve 30 minutes from your jammed schedule. Even if you doubt it will matter come April.

Don’t believe the lie that you must go big or go home. May you have the courage to take one small step, to start where you are with what you have. May you move forward because you love yourself, because you care for yourself, because you believe you are worth the effort.

And even if you never do this, may you believe that you are still loved, still valuable, still smart, still talented, still worthy. Because you are.

Blessings on your week, friend.


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