What I’m Into: Christmas Edition

Christmas. proper noun. The celebration of Christ’s birth; also a season of merry-making.


Though I don’t normally share what I’m loving until the end of the month, these Christmas-y finds are too excellent not to share now, while holiday spirit is still high.


Isaiah 9:2-7, and the SheReadsTruth Advent devotionals that keep leading me back to it.

This post honestly, gently acknowledged the truth about when Christmas hits tender spots.

This article, which reminds me that, like Jesus himself, blessings come in unexpected packages.



Francesca Battistelli – You’re Here. The rest of her Christmas album is lovely, too.

Leona Lewis – One More Sleep



Upholding traditions, like watching Elf with my family and White Christmas with my sister.

Christmas decorations (even better because they were mostly free)! Related: my roommate deserves an award for her patience for my decorating philosophy, which is similar to Buddy the Elf’s.

Christmas decoration

This AWESOME family dance video. I proposed that my family do one instead of a Christmas photo this year. My lame siblings were not on board.

ALL THE PLAID. Plaid scarves, how I love you.


Handmade Christmas gifts. I will actually be sad when my gift prep is done, because crafting keeps me sane.


What’s making you merry this Christmas season?


4 thoughts on “What I’m Into: Christmas Edition

  1. The more I watch the dance video the more I think that your family could pull this off. you might need a little help from the rest of the Christenson cousins and a few uncles.

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