October (2015)

October. Proper noun. The month of changing leaves, Halloween, pumpkin everything, and glorious Education Minnesota break.


I still have something saving me from being a basic white girl: I’m not obsessed with fall. But I have to admit, this October has had some sweet moments. I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer and sharing some of the things I loved this month. Head over to her page if you want more great recommendations!


Tender is the Night – F. Scott Fitzgerald. I thought I’d give F. Scott another try after enjoying The Great Gatsby earlier this year. Apparently he thought this tale of love gained and lost and mental illness was his greatest work. It begins by focusing on a young naïve girl’s infatuation with an older married man named Dick Diver and transitions to exploring Dick’s complicated relationship with his wife, who is mentally ill. This novel was admittedly challenging to read at points. It was sometimes difficult for me to see how each individual episode fit into the larger plot, and Fitzgerald doesn’t exactly have a sunny outlook on life. Doesn’t that make it sound stellar? Regardless, I’m still glad I read it. There were some sparkling lines, and I have a clearer idea of Fitzgerald’s struggle with his own wife and some of the reasons he might have found the world so meaningless after reading this.

The Real Thing – Ellen McCarthy. A wedding reporter tells the lessons she’s learned from real couples. A cute idea. I admittedly lost interest and didn’t finish, since none of the advice was earth-shattering.

Flyover Lives – Diane Johnson. Another interesting premise. A woman becomes interested by her own family history after a French woman accuses Americans of “indifference to history,” which is supposedly why we “seem so naïve and always invade the wrong countries.” This book explores what she uncovered. I picked it up because I came from a similar background of small-town Midwestern people, but I realized that I would rather read about my own ancestors than anecdotes from someone else’s relatives. It also showed me that I am not good at reading nonfiction; this book reads like a history text, which I probably should have expected, but I missed the spark that comes from an author weaving a complete, complex narrative. Another one I didn’t finish. What a weird reading month for me.

Currently reading: The Jazz Palace – Marry Morris; Out of Sorts – Sarah Bessey



Ellie Holcomb radio on Pandora. Every morning. I’m getting lots of acoustic-y hymns right now and it makes 7:00 am better.

Rachel Platton – Stand by You

Shawn Mendes – Stitches. Especially this version.

Adele – Hello. Like everyone else in the world.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons podcast. I listen to this while running, and it’s a fascinating look at how ordinary folks foster and make space for creativity. The episode with Brene Brown rocked, like everything Brene Brown does.



You’ve Got Mail. Hairspray. Some Gilmore Girls (Rory’s going to college!). A few of the early episodes of Parks and Rec. Nothing new, but so much excellence.



I have never wanted a pair of socks as much as these.

Ahem. Who’s crying over this video? Multiple times? Not me. The best commercial I’ve seen.

This collection of photos, which shows the sad truth of our tech-obsessed world.

Running through fall leaves in shorts. The temps didn’t drop excessively until the last week in October. This is a Minnesota miracle.

2015-10-06 17.43.39-1

As I transition into the career world and contemplate having a family some day, this video is food for thought.

Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick. After hearing about its cult following, my mom and I checked it out. The rest of the world is on to something. If all 3 women in my family can pull off this shade, you can too.

This post is clanging around in my brain and reminding me that hard ≠ bad.

Cardigans. Especially this one, which is long and flowy and feels like pajamas.

2015-10-21 07.44.56

These photos will change the way you see world leaders for the better. It might even give my younger brother, who’s growing out his hair, some new goals.




Okay, fine. Other things kind of matter. I’m still rolling right along with the teaching part of student teaching. I have two weeks left in elementary ESL, and then I’ll switch to middle school Language Arts. Favorite stories from this month:

  • When discussing character’s emotions, I asked my first graders to draw what their faces look like when they are excited and tell why they were excited. One of my fiesty ones: “Because a boy said he would be my boyfriend, and I am taller than him.”
  • When writing about his favorite things, a little dude asked if he could write about his favorite teacher. Then he wrote “My favorite teacher is Miss C.” Cue the heart eyes. I’m excited to move up to older kids…but I have a feeling they might not be quite so heart-warming.
  • Less heartwarming is fielding questions like “What are those little red bumps on your face?” and “Why is it all red around your mouth?” They’re zits, sweet children. And they mystify me, too.

UNW Homecoming. My family came up to watch the football game and wander through St. Paul and go to my sister’s band concert. They are fun. They also buy me groceries. Both are highly appreciated.

Northwestern will be contacting us about a promotional campaign soon, I'm sure.

Northwestern will be contacting us about a promotional campaign soon, I’m sure.

We win Specialest Family. Or Most Incapable of Taking Normal Pictures. That too.

We win Most Incapable of Taking Normal Pictures.

EM break. God bless the state of Minnesota for this one. I drove home for a much-needed break from planning and edTPA. I slept in and chilled with my family and read and connected with kind people over lunch and fell off my chair because I was laughing so hard at my youngest brother. He loves when I come home and ask him about his personal life.

Random fun stuff on weekends. Hitting up the farmer’s market. Getting donuts at Glam Doll. Checking out Hunt & Gather, a funky antique store. Catching up with the RAs from my staff last year. Processing life over Eddington’s breadsticks with a sweet friend. The Twin Cities offer such goodness.

Flowers from the Farmer's Market? $6. Happiness potential? Unlimited.

Flowers from the Farmer’s Market? $6. Happiness potential? Unlimited.

Halloween. I work at a school where Halloween is a big stinking deal. Though my cooperating teacher doesn’t participate, I decided to be the fun student teacher and actually dress up. Lessons learned: accompanying kindergarteners to parades is the cutest, and you can throw together a decent costume with some colored duct tape and a trip to the Goodwill.

IMG_0619I’m celebrating the actual day of Halloween by going to Phantom of the Opera with my little bro. I do not plan to wear a costume. I don’t feel bad about it.


  • A TRIP TO DC, OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH. I haven’t seen the boyfriend since Labor Day weekend. I’m not freaking out. Not at all.
  • Starting a new student teaching placement and (hopefully) not having to talk about the alphabet any more.
  • Starting a small group with some friends.


What have you been into this month?


6 thoughts on “October (2015)

  1. I hadn’t heard Stitches! I love it! And those man buns! lol It sounds like you had a great group of kids. Good luck with the next group! 🙂

    • Paula, thanks for stopping by! If you liked that version of Stitches, the radio version is definitely worth checking out, too! And I really did have a fun group of kiddos, it’s so true 🙂

  2. Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the new post. we enjoy them so much. We look forward to them more than our magizine’s that come monthly. I’m serious, they are just great. again you have a special talent. We enjoyed all the pictures, of course the old Chevy truck caught my eye.The ones of you kids were hilarious and of course the ones with your legs with you boots on, I know you were showing some clothing you had gotten. At least you celebrated Halloween we had no one so Grandma and I each ate a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup.
    Today we went to church came home and had chichen sandwiches with Cranberry-Horseradish on them, Good stuff. This afternoon I did some repair work on the tree stands. You told me last spring the steps needed attention on the old stand,it was bad so I replaced most of it. Acctually other than that they were in pretty good shape. I wish you were here for the hunt but I know you have more important things to do. Probably some day you can sneak in a few hours!!!
    You have a good week, Anna. Grandma says hi.
    Love you, Grandpa

    Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2015 18:13:47 +0000
    To: hrhilde12@outlook.com

    • Grandpa, I’m so glad that you get these in your email now! I’m going to try to write more of them this month. 🙂 Thanks for commenting, and sending love!

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