April (2015)

April. proper noun. The month in which the weather sometimes cooperates, and my planner explodes because life goes bonkers, and I resist the temptation to buy swimsuits.

Original photo by Eduardo Amorim via Flickr

Original photo by Eduardo Amorim via Flickr


The Secret Keeper – Kate Morton. All of Kate Morton’s books kind of blend together for me, since they’re all mysteries with episodic flashbacks, but I did enjoy this one a lot. The story of a daughter unraveling her mother’s life had a few unexpected twists, and my sister had to assure me that everything worked out okay when I got too emotionally invested.

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – Jenny Lawson. I laughed/snorted out loud while reading this unconventional memoir. Especially at the part where her father turns a dead squirrel into a puppet. If you’re not sensitive or squeamish about stories about roadkill, you’ll enjoy it. Just be warned that she’s crass and has salty language.

Invisible Man – Ralph Ellison. We sped through this book in a week for my American Lit class, and honestly, I still don’t understand quite all of this story of creating identity and working through racial issues. It was a fascinating story, though, and the nameless narrator’s descriptions of racial tensions were surprisingly relevant. A word of caution: the story is also a little ambiguous and deep if you don’t have the brilliant Dr. Jones helping you make sense of it.

The Irrational Season – Madeline L’Engle. This woman is incredible. This book, organized by the seasons of the church calendar, is no exception. The random poems in this one aren’t my thing, and I don’t entirely agree with her theology, but she writes about spirituality like no one else.

The Princess Bride – William Goldman. I’m halfway through this, and it’s utterly delightful, like a slow-motion tour through the movie. Buttercup is far flaky than in the film, which makes her interactions with Westley even more entertaining.


Guardians of the Galaxy. Kind of. I was mostly internetting while my siblings watched, but I did realize that Chris Pratt will forever and always be Andy Dwyer in my head and that I do love him, in the same way you love a goofy little brother.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which was quirky and too short (only 13 episodes? Come on.)

I’ve fallen off the Gilmore Girls bandwagon and have turned to Friends instead. I’m currently at the beginning of season 2 and ticked off about how long it’s taking for Ross and Rachel to get together.

The new Cinderella (again). No shame.


TED Radio podcasts. I get bored with my workout playlist on long runs, so I listen to interviews with people like the love scientist (apparently that’s a real thing) behind Match.com and a Pixar screenwriter instead. They’re fascinating.

Most played songs:

  • If You Ever Want to Be in Love – James Bay
  • Billion – Mat Kearney
  • Honey, I’m Good – Andy Grammar
  • Geronimo – Sheppard
  • The Cinderella score. Again, no shame. It’s a gorgeous background for doing homework.


This video is inspiring for unlikely athletes like myself.

Ghiradelli brownie mix. It’s the best $2 I’ve spent recently.

Cassey Ho’s workouts kick butt – and if you’ve ever heard her talk a hundred miles a minute while you’re collapsed on your yoga mat in pain, you know that this girl is in shape. So this video is heartbreaking and calls out a very real issue on the Internet.

This post about teaching scares me. I’m so concerned that I’ll be saying the same thing a few years from now.

Mac and cheese with salsa. TRY IT. I’ve loved it ever since reading the Sammy Keys mysteries in middle school, and it’s time I shared this wisdom with the world. Bonus points if you buy Annie’s mac and cheese.

This post is great perspective with the finals week of doom approaching.


Easter break. I kind of learned how to drive a stick in my brother’s new-to-him car and took lots of attractive pictures.

What a gem. An accurate gem.

What a gem of a photo. An accurate gem.

In which we all pretend to be normal.

In which we all pretend to be normal.

A Scotty McCreery concert as a belated birthday surprise for my sister. I pulled out the cowboy boots and discovered that Scotty’s even cuter in person.

The dear boy himself

The dear boy himself. Our seats were pretty great.

Biological sister and adopted former-roomie sister, who had the whole surprise concert idea.

Biological sister and former roomie/friend/adopted sister, who initiated the whole surprise concert thing.

The boyfriend came back to MN, and though we only a day and half together, it was full of good things, like my college’s film festival and a picnic at the Sculpture Garden.


I would say #blessed. But I won’t be that person.

Other film festival friends

My classy film festival friends

All the ResLife: My staff had a professor teach us about spiritual transformation, played Walleyball, spent a weekend hanging out (including watching Mary-Kate and Ashley), and performed a skit for ResLife Challenge together. I love these sweet girls.

Photo borrowed from Facebook.

Photo borrowed from Facebook. Because these girls are too cute not to share.

All the Education stuff: I took three (THREE) MTLEs in the span of seven (SEVEN) days. The good news? I passed all of them and started making friends with the registration lady in all of my hours jumping through the teacher licensing hoops. The bad news? I am now significantly poorer and would like to lead some kind of protest against the expensive nonsense that is standardized testing. I also participated in the Ed Portfolio Showcase, where I talked about all I’d learned in the Education program and showed off some of my lesson plans. And then I registered for student teaching.

Screen shot 2015-04-21 at 10.52.57 AM

Woof. Bring on next fall and the EdTPA.

All the running. I’m up to eight miles at a time (and trying not to think about how running a half-marathon is 5.1 more miles than that). Getting over the seven-mile threshold has been the hardest so far. And all of the skin on my feet is peeling off. Nasty. But my knees and morale are still holding up.

All the assignments. Because it’s almost finals and the year is almost over. What.

All the grown-up stuff: I got a summer job (that required a resume and an interview)! I did not get an apartment. Yet. My roommate and I are researching and praying like crazy.

What were you into this month? Share your thoughts or see what others have been doing by checking out the What I’m Into link-up, hosted by Leigh Kramer.


2 thoughts on “April (2015)

  1. Anna! Congrats on finishing the school year! It’s been awesome getting to know you as a classmate, and I wish the best for you as God brings more into your life!

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