March (2015)

March. proper noun. The month of St. Patrick’s Day, spring break for college kids (halleluiah), weather that is frequently disappointing, my sister’s birthday, and basketball madness.


I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer to share what I’ve been into and up to this month. Head to her site if you’re curious how other bloggers have spent March, too!


This month started out as a weird reading month for me. A summary of my activity…

Didn’t finish:

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay – Michael Chabon. The story follows two cousins who write comic books while one of the men tries to rescue his Jewish family from Europe as the Nazis take over. For some reason, I just couldn’t get into this one, even though it comes highly recommended and the writing itself is well done. Maybe it was my reading it in stunted 15-minute snatches while traveling, or the way Chabon would start chapters with brand-new characters who wouldn’t fit into the overall story until a few pages later. At any rate, this goes on the bottom of the maybe-try-again-later pile.


Looking for Alaska – John Green. Leave it to John Green to get me back into the “I love books!” mindset. He has insight into the adolescent mind like no one else. I devoured this story of a boy at boarding school who falls in love with a moody girl named Alaska. Warning: PG-13 for sex, booze, and language.

Working on:

The Secret Keeper – Kate Morton. Like all of her other stories, it’s a winding tale of secrets and intrigue told in multiple perspectives. It’s fun.

The Irrational Season – Madeline L’Engle. I mostly want to be her best friend and have her pour wisdom over my life. Reading a few pages right when I wake up makes getting out of bed easier.



Cinderella. My sister chose this movie for her birthday. It was great fun. The costumes and sets and filming are gorgeous, the prince is dazzling, and the plot is slightly updated from the Disney classic, with enough newness to make it worth watching. My only complaint is that Lily James does a lot of breathy bosom-heaving. We can blame it on the corset.

The 6th season of Parks and Rec. I accidentally finished it on a Friday night (accidentally as in I thought there were 22 episodes in a season, not 20). I was not emotionally prepared for that.

House of Cards. Because there’s no way that I’m going to convince my boyfriend to watch Gilmore Girls with me.

The Great Gatsby. Extravagant and a little hopeless. Best watched with someone who will help you look for symbolism and theme and deeper meaning, or all you will get from it is the enjoyment of staring at Leonardo DiCaprio (though that’s admittedly not a bad thing).

Enchanted. I forgot about how splendid Amy Adams is in this movie. How is she so clueless without being the least bit annoying?

The Prince and Me. Because accidentally falling in love with a prince without leaving the Midwest is completely realistic.



T-Swift – How You Get the Girl

Echosmith – Bright

James Bay – Hold Back the River

The Well Pennies – All My Loving

Bonus: this ragtime version of Thrift Shop. It’s awesome even if you’re over the song.



White Converse. Because I finally can wear shoes that don’t cover my ankles and these go with everything.

This song is meh. But Tom Hanks is the best.

The Prayer of Examen. It’s exactly what I need at the end of the day.

This guest post by Micha Boyett. Because I am too often a frantic monster.

SPRING. I sat outside in shorts and a t-shirt yesterday and the sun actually felt warm. I can’t contain my excitement about this.



Spring break. I split my time between flying to DC to see my boyfriend and driving home to see my family. It was the best of both worlds. Highlights of DC: learning how to use public transportation, seeing the Library of Congress, and getting lots of quality time. Highlights of home: making puppy chow with my mom’s kindergarten class, prom dress shopping with a friend, and watching girly movies (see above).

The Library of Congress. One of the coolest places.

The Library of Congress. One of the coolest places.

Quad 4. Senioritis has hit. The homework motivation has died. Real life kinda sucks after spring break.

Running. I started training for a half-marathon after spring break, and I’m telling everyone about it so I don’t chicken out. I’m only up to 4 miles (as of yesterday!), but running consistently (with a schedule!) has been motivating and endorphin-boosting.

Hanging out with my mom and grandma in the Cities. Cue thrifting and Cinderella-watching.

The continued summer job hunt. More applications are being sent out. An interview is approaching. Prayers are appreciated.


What have you been into this month?


6 thoughts on “March (2015)

  1. I have been writing! And it has been great.

    I love your taste in movies & books. I think Madeline L’Engle is every writer’s best friend. I’ve not read Kate Morton but I’ve heard SO MANY good things. Any book I should start with?

    I accidentally finished the rest of 30 Rock and Parks & Rec in the span of a week. I understand your inability to not deal with that. But… Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was a salve to the wound.

    • I think The House at Riverton is my favorite Kate Morton book, but that might be because it was the first one I read…I think that one hooked me right away, while some of her others have taken a little more effort to get into but have been great once the story got rolling.

      I’ve heard so many great things about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! If it can help save you after that kind of week, it must be amazing. 🙂

  2. So I would just like to say that every time I read one of these I am shocked at how similar our tastes are in well, pretty much everything. You and Brita even make me want to watch girly movies 🙂 thanks a bunch for going dress shopping with me! It was super fun even though the entire town tells me I went shopping with my in laws 😉

    • If Brit and I can convince you to watch girly movies, our work is done and we have achieved our goals in life. And dress shopping was such fun! Even if we aren’t your in-laws. Especially because we aren’t your in-laws? Either way. 🙂

  3. I love The Prince and Me, even though it’s completely ridiculous. And I don’t think it is possible to be emotionally prepared for that Parks and Rec finale! Also? John Green is THE BEST, and I loved Looking for Alaska, too!

    • It sounds like you have excellent taste :). I was expecting The Prince and Me to be excessively cheesy…and it was…but I enjoyed it far more than I anticipated!

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