February. proper noun. The month of Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, equally-important Galentine’s Day (read on if you have no idea what that is), and growing irritation about winter.


adapted from The Integer Club via Flickr


I’m linking up with Leigh Cramer for her monthly What I’m Into series. Head to her site if you’d like to check out how other people fill their months. Here’s what I’m loving right now.



The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern. Celia and Marco are two magicians’ apprentices who are pitted against each other in a challenge. Their venue is a mysterious traveling circus that is only open at night. It sounds weird, and it is. But the mingling of unique characters, incredible exhibitions, and tales of love is also hauntingly, enchantingly beautiful. I thought the ending was a bit lackluster, but otherwise I highly recommend this book.

Go Tell it on the Mountain – James Baldwin. This was my book of choice for my American Lit class. However, unlike many books for classes, I didn’t mind reading it. It follows a young boy, the son of a preacher, in an African American church. The more the father’s life is revealed, the more questions arise about sin and hypocrisy and what makes a person “saved.”

Currently working on: A Letter of Mary – Laurie King; The Irrational Season – Madeline L’Engle; The Count of Monte Cristo – Alexandre Dumas



Ellie Holcomb. She sounds like summer and Jesus. I need both right now.

I need motivation as well. Here are my current favorites for blasting while doing homework:

  • Sugar – Maroon 5
  • Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go – One Direction



Moulin Rouge! Though I generally find Baz Luhrmann’s directing style somewhat distracting, this story of love, money, and show business was more complex and thought-provoking than I expected.

Parks and Rec. The 6th season started slow-ish but is grabbing me again. Also, true confessions: I definitely cried watching Episode 12.

New Girl. I gave in. I am slightly ashamed. It has no redeeming value other than ridiculous characters and Jessica Day’s cute clothes. Though it is letting me stretch out the last episodes of Parks and Rec.

An otherwise embarrassing assortment of princess movies.



This article, which reminds Christians that there are bigger issues in the world than yoga pants.

This post full of old-fashioned eye candy and snappy commentary. Gregory Peck. Sigh.

Vitamin D. I started taking supplements every morning and I think they actually work. Even though it’s February, a historically crappy month for my mood, my cheer and energy have remained (relatively) stable.

This Instagram account, because boys who read are the best kind.

Cactuses. (Cacti?) I impulsively got one at Ikea. His name is Percy.

This scary-accurate list of people you meet at Christian colleges.



Galentine’s Day. February 13, or Galentine’s Day, is a celebration of sisterly love founded by none other than Leslie Knope (see this excellent explanation.) Some delightful friends and I headed downtown to celebrate at the Old Spaghetti Factory and watched Mulan. Because nothing says love like fighting bad guys while singing.


Valentine’s Day. I entered an online card swap with Aunt Peaches, so I sent 3 valentines and received 3 in return. It was fun. Also, celebrating a romantic holiday long-distance is hard but good.

All the ResLife events. I’ve led meetings, heard the wisdom of two women about calling and vocation, celebrated Valentine’s Day with sugar cookies and photo booths, watched a rollicking and hilarious college theater show, and eaten delicious cake from Café Latte with some lovely women this month.

Such love.

Such love.

Writing for the Features section of my college’s newspaper. For an extracurricular I’m required to do, it’s kind of fun.

Looking for a summer job. I’m completely open to suggestions for jobs in the Twin Cities for almost-graduated Ed majors. I just need to make enough money to pay for rent and gas to the lake.


What are you into this month?


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