Blessings. noun. A bestowment of good, a prayer asking for God’s favor.

It’s been a while since I last posted a blessing to start off the week. Here are the words I need this Monday. Maybe you do, too.

 Rakesh JV via Flickr

Rakesh JV via Flickr

Cold February winds on, inching closer to deadlines and spring break. You are restless. Your chin is breaking out in revenge against pulled-up coat collars. Your motivation is dripping away. In moments of procrastination and boredom, when there’s a break in busyness, you doubt yourself.

This week, as you face another week of hard, full, good life, may you not forget who you are.

You are smart. Even if your tests come back splashed in red or your grades slip too low. Your brain is unique, the hundreds of tiny wires firing and connecting, working hard when no one is watching. No one else sees the world the way you do, with your eyes and your experiences. No one else brings the same brand of wisdom that you have.

You are beautiful. Even if your skin is bumpy and red or your jeans don’t sit right. God made you, forming each cell of your hips and each pore on your nose and each crinkle around your eye. He calls you a holy work of art.

You are talented. Even when the job offers don’t flood in and your skills feel ordinary and brown like dirt. You smile when the world looks crappy, you stir eggs and sugar into something divine, you successfully balance your checkbook, you make kids feel safe. These things feel small. But small doesn’t mean unimportant.

You’re learning to see God in the world around you and savor his gifts. This is good. But sometimes, with outward-focused, beauty-searching eyes, you forget to see the beauty in you. This week, may you see his goodness and unearned grace in yourself, in the shape of your words and the curve of your shoulders and the slant of your handwriting. May you rejoice in the ways he’s gifted you and whispers to the world through you. May you remember that he is using you, body, mind, and soul, to shape his kingdom.

Blessings on your week, friend.


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