October. proper noun. The month of falling leaves, dipping temperatures, breast cancer awareness, and Halloween.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer and sharing some favorites from this month.



Peter and the Starcatchers – Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. True confessions: when my brain is fried, I read children’s books. Over fall break, I picked up this childhood favorite, an adventure story that’s magical and sweet. If I had kids, I would read this aloud to them every night.

Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl – R.D. Wilson. I read this book in snatches before falling asleep. Since that’s not my best deep-thinking time, I didn’t always track with the exact point Wilson was trying to make, but I appreciated his quirky word choice and the significance he finds in everyday things.


Listening to

Bossypants – written and narrated Tina Fey. The chapter about her beauty secrets makes this audiobook worth purchasing. The rest of it is snarky and entertaining, too.

The Hedgerow Folk. Thank the Lord for Noisetrade, the source of free albums such as this one. This folky, worshipful album has become my soundtrack for the morning commute since I hate morning radio. (Ads. Annoying radio hosts. Upbeat music. Need I say more.)

Most-played songs this month:

  • Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran (every day, multiple times)
  • Steal My Girl – One Direction
  • Tiptoes – Jayme Dee
  • I See Fire – Ed Sheeran
  • That’s What’s Up – Lennon and Maisy




GILMORE GIRLS. In caps because it has monopolized my moments of free time this month. It’s my current Netflix favorite and the best brain break after a long day of class and work.

The 100-Foot Journey. Though I missed this movie when it was in mainstream theaters, it happened to be playing at the Landmark Theater, which is retro and funky and costs a whole $3. There are no bad things about this deal, especially because this movie was fabulous. It’s about an Indian family who starts a restaurant in France, complete with endearing characters, scenic shots of France, and close-ups of food that my words cannot describe with justice.

Sleepless in Seattle. My sister and I had the pleasure of introducing one of our friends to this classic. Because your life is not complete until you’ve watched Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks figure out that they’re destined for each other from different sides of the country.


Randomly Loving

(Relatively) warm fall temps. October has ended, and it hasn’t snowed yet. This is a big deal.

Cards from middle schoolers. Finishing up a placement means getting the cutest cards from students. I miss those crazy kids.

A few of the selection. Don't let anyone tell you that teaching middle school is miserable.

A few of the selection. Don’t let anyone tell you that teaching middle school is miserable.

Nelson’s Ice Cream. If you live in the Cities and like to order more ice cream than you could physically eat, get yourself to one of these establishments. A child-sized is $3.50 and is almost the size of a small child.

Finally getting a picture on theRock, my school’s website, for winning the intramural volleyball (B-league) championship. This honor includes a host of additional privileges, such gym time until 11:45 p.m., free t-shirts, and worldwide fame and renown.

I might have screen-shot this so I can remember it for all eternity

Squint and you can tell that I’m the tall blonde in the middle. I might have screen-shot this so I can remember it for all eternity.


Keeping Me Busy

All kinds of events in Hartill (the dorm where I live and work). They create the best kind of busy. This month I’ve square danced at a hoedown, spent a weekend in a cabin, and had lots of coffee/ice cream/dinner dates with these lovely ladies.

I like them. Photo affectionately swiped from Facebook.

I like them. Photo affectionately swiped from Facebook.


Seeing my family. They drove down for homecoming at school one weekend, and my sister and I drove up for fall break the next. Highlights include concerts and football games, staying up past my bedtime, and eating too many of my brother’s cookies.

Just missing one brother, who is too cool for us

Homecoming football game, minus one younger brother who is too cool for us


Halloween. Normally Halloween is not my favorite – I’m not about haunted hayrides or horror movies (though free candy is all right). But if I get to make pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies, dress up as Leslie Knope, and hang out with some of my favorite people, I’m happy.


What were you into this month?


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