Blessing. noun. According to me and a hodgepodge of sources, “Good wishes, a bestowing of good, a prayer asking for God’s favor.”

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Read this as a blessing over this new school year, written for you and me.

Dear one,

You are stepping into another school year, another beginning. You’ve bought new pens and stowed away your swimsuits. You’ve scratched your schedule on your ever-filling planner. As the first day of class slips past, this season feels fresh with possibility and heavy with unknowns.

The stiff new syllabi and duties and schedules aren’t broken in yet. They’ll rub blisters at first. You’re not a fan of transitions, the jostling of uncertainty and interrupted routines. But you’ll be okay. You’ll get past those first few weeks. The semester will soften and you will learn how everyday life looks.

As you walk through all of this beginning and newness, I want you to remember this, a prayer for you.

I pray that you would rest in how loved you are. Soak in the beautiful truth that you are not what you do. Remember that God sees you, not your successes and failures, and that he loves what he sees. Live like you have all the love and affirmation you crave, in your scurrying to class and your ordering chai lattes and your posting on Facebook. Don’t think that the cracks on your scratchy, misshapen soul make you unlovable or less than. It’s not true. Don’t think that doing more equates to getting more love. It doesn’t work.

I pray that you would love others more and better. Don’t be afraid of the new, when silences are loud and talk is small. You may stumble on sweet connections if you remember that awkwardness has killed no one yet. All the while, be thankful for the friendships that are broken-in and familiar. Do not take these friends, who know that you are noisy in the mornings and deeply in love with dark chocolate, for granted.

I pray that your eyes would be opened wide, that you would be awake to all that God has for you. Don’t scurry through life, eyes squinted in worry and blinded by busyness. Take the time to see God’s work around you, the yellow-tinted leaves and the freshman toting brand-new backpacks and the beating hearts and blooming stories of the students you teach. Snatch opportunities, even if they seem humble, even if they throw off your perfectly sequenced schedule.

I pray that God would whisper his presence throughout your days. Remember that he is with you always, even when your life turns crappy, you forget assignments, and you don’t touch your Bible for a week. In the unknowns that make you panicky, rest in his peace and trust in his providence. He will walk with you all the way.

Blessings on this beginning, my friend.


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