Favorite. noun. According to Dictionary.com, “A person or thing regarded with special favor or preference.”


Summer is my favorite, for ever and always.

I know that August is when people begin to whine that it’s sweaty and humid and that they’re ready for falling leaves. Psht. (That’s my skeptical, don’t-be-ridiculous noise.) They clearly don’t recognize the good things in life. For example: Fudgesicles and flip-flops and going outside without a jacket and Vitamin D. I could go on.

I will, actually.

Here are a few (more) of my favorite things.

Weekend destination: the lake. There is no other logical place to spend a hot summer day. All of the following pictures were taken at the lake, because the best things happen there.

Style: polka dots, navy blue, and bleach-blond hair. Though this combination is timeless and works in all seasons, I believe it’s best in summer. Especially when it involves a swimsuit. It’s unfortunate that styling swimming suits with my grandpa’s work boots is not quite as timeless.


Time of day: sunset. The light is best when soaked up lakeside, the glow reflecting onto rosy cheeks and messy hair.


Accessory: a lifejacket. I still spend as much time in the water as possible. As a responsible lifeguard, I get that lifejackets are, well, life-saving and necessary for some water activities. They can be quite stylish and flattering, too, as is obvious in the picture below. However, for safety reasons, the throwback, mustard-colored versions that are far too big should not be donned by curly-haired kiddos.


Adrenaline-spiking activity: tubing. Tubing was great, and not that scary, when I sat securely between my big-kid cousins. It’s also great, but far more scream-inducing, when I go with my younger brother, who is psycho and enjoys my terror far too much. Just look at his maniacal grin.


There are so many more favorites I could include. But I realize that not everyone is as in love with this season as I am. Like Mother Nature. She’s giving me clues that it’s time for this season to wind down. Twilight comes earlier. I’m buying back-to-school essentials instead of sunscreen. Only one lake weekend remains on the calendar.

I’m clinging tight to those last breaths of summer. This season has flown by, leaving damp swimsuits and empty tubes of sunscreen and new favorite memories in its wake. I don’t feel ready to let it go quite yet.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have a choice. And I suppose I’ll be okay. After all, there’s this thing about seasons – somehow, they always come again, and in just nine months, the season will start all over.

Anyone want to count the days with me?


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