June 2014

June. proper noun. According to Wikipedia, the sixth month of the year. Named for the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage. No wonder it’s wedding season.

 What I’m Into: June 2014

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest


I’m switching things up this month and linking up with Leigh Kramer to share the things I’m loving right now.


Noteworthy Reads:

The Whistling Season – Ivan Doig

This delightful read follows the story of Paul, a boy growing up in early 20th century Montana. I adore historical fiction and coming-of-age stories, especially when they’re as well-written as this one. Bonus: This has a surprise ending that made me want to read the entire book over again.

Girl in Translation – Jean Kwok

In this semi-autographical story, Kimberly moves from Hong Kong to New York City. Kimberly and her mother work tirelessly in a sweatshop for very little pay, but they see Kimberly’s academic skills as a way to a better life. This book made me realize how easy my life is, but it never made me feel guilty – instead, it impressed on me the determination and work ethic of Kimberly and her mom.

Dakota – Kathleen Norris

In honor of living at home on the flatlands of northwest Minnesota this summer, I’m slowly working my way through this non-fiction work about life on the prairie and in a small town. So far, my favorite part of this book was Norris’s insights about how we need isolation to find out who we really are.


Jamming to:

J.T.’s latest, Not a Bad Thing. This is the song that I am most likely to belt out and car-dance to on my way home from work.

My mom’s Pandora stations… (One of the side effects of living at home for the summer. However, this is not as bad as it might appear, since she likes Audrey Assad, and my sister and I are introducing her to Us the Duo.)



Saving Mr. Banks

I’m a little behind the curve and hadn’t seen this one yet, so I caught up on a long international flight. It was sweet and sad, just right for nostalgic days.


One show that my entire family can watch together. Sometimes the nerdy math professors remind us too much of certain family members…

Random loves:

CeraVe lotion, the only reason my chlorine-dried, psycho-sensitive skin is surviving the summer

This woman’s art, made from flower petals and watercolors.

image via Love, Limzy

image via Love, Limzy


This boy band on Britain’s Got Talent. They may look like suspiciously like One Direction, but they are soooo much more. (Don’t get me wrong, I like 1D. But these boys can sing.)


This fascinating look at different ideas about beauty from around the world

Image via Elle.com

Image via Elle.com

Addie Zierman’s series about blogging, which gave me the kick I needed to get back in the game.

Sunny days. Because there have been approximately two of them for the entire summer and doing swimming lessons in cold rain is not my favorite and I am desperately in need of nice weather.

Keeping me busy:

My trip to China. Read all about it here. Further thoughts on returning to the U.S. of A.: my jet lag coming back was not even that horrible, and I miss eating with chopsticks.

Lots of lifeguarding and swimming lessons. Since coming back to Minnesota, I’ve jumped right into my summer job, and I have the sunburn to prove it.

Unpacking from college. Still. I hate unpacking. And my departure for China shortly after the end of school, combined with my small, storage-lacking room and excellent procrastination skills means that I may still be sifting through the last box of college crap…


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