Dear College Student Who is Facing Finals Week,


The college life is hard, man. I so get it.

(Unless you are the person who writes detailed lists of everything you must do each hour and gets everything done two days ahead of time and is highly productive all the live-long day and doesn’t ever get distracted by the Internet. Then I don’t get it.)

But if you’re fumbling through this week, a little unsteady, I am with you. If you are showing the following finals-week symptoms, we are in complete solidarity.

1. You wobble between boredom and stress and utter lack of motivation, which means that you alternatively stare at the wall and wander in circles around your room.


2. You check Facebook more than you will ever admit, even though your frequency on the site makes you realize that it is a complete waste of time.

3. You watch a ridiculous number of episodes of Parks and Rec, because watching other people’s wacky lives is far more entertaining than homework and requires so much less energy.

4. You would really like to sleep all day long. But that feels even more irresponsible than watching Netflix all day long.


5. You are torn between maybe squeezing out a few painful words on your last assignments and spending time with the friends who, in a matter of hours, won’t live a holler away.

6. You eat a random, nonperishable-ish crap like mac and cheese and chocolate chips and forget that vegetables exist because you don’t want to buy any more groceries and are out of meal plan money and strongly believe in eating your feelings.


7. You become intimately acquainted with the dry shampoo bottle and oversized sweatshirts. Makeup, on the other hand, becomes a distant and unfamiliar friend.

8. You avoid processing the jumble of emotions that the end of the semester drags in, that mixed bag of fond nostalgia and exhaustion and mourning for everything that’s grown familiar and cozy, because it hasn’t sunk in yet that the year is actually ending. And your brain is also too fried to handle anything deep.

9. You post random lists on the Internet because how else would you logically spend your time?


If you’re showing these symptoms, I wish that I had some motivating words for you, some word caffeine that will jolt you with the mojo you need to keep on keeping on. Unfortunately, I’ve got nothing. My motivation has vanished, and I have no extra to spread around. All I can tell you is this. (It may or may not be true, but it’s what I’ve been whispering to myself as I accomplish absolutely zilch): It’s okay. It’s okay to be tired and unmotivated. It’s okay to decide that homework is stupid. It’s okay to bribe yourself with Facebook binges. Finals week will soon be over, and once again your life will have structure and balanced meals and a point. Very, very soon, you are going to be okay.


Now your “study break” is over. Get back to “work.” (Or go watch a movie or browse your favorite social media or take a nap. I won’t judge. In fact, I’ll probably join you.)

Sending love and motivation your way,



* All images in this post were found on Pinterest. Go browse their humor boards if your study break isn’t quite over yet.


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