April. proper noun. The fourth month of the year, thought to be named for Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. (Now the whole ring by spring thing makes sense…)

Otherwise known as What I Learned: April Edition.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

1. April (and heck, this school year) flew by ridiculously fast. I have like 2 weeks of school left. I don’t know what to do with this fact.

2. I have much smaller veins in my left arm than in my right. Apparently drawing blood from them is more difficult (and painful) as well.

3. Further lessons in tea experimentation: Adding lemon to will lessen tea’s intensity. I prefer darker teas in the morning and lighter teas in the afternoon. Cinnamon tea tastes like Hot Tamales, in a bad way if brewed too long and in a delightful way if brewed correctly. Brewing tea correctly while simultaneously eating cereal and finding shoes that match and packing a sandwich and running into class two minutes late is difficult.

4. The record for the longest book domino chain is 2,131 books. Watching them fall in the video below makes me smile every time.


5. Loose patterned pants are trendy. Ones that cinch at the bottom are even trendier. You also must be a supermodel or Jasmine from Aladdin to look attractive in said pants. Apparently I fit in neither of those categories. I only know this because in preparation for my trip to China, I am striving to find summery pants or capris that 1. Are more culturally acceptable for a blond, long-legged Westerner than shorts; 2. Are more lightweight than denim; 3. Do not look like they were made for elderly people; 4. Are cheap; 5. Actually fit the aforementioned long legs. With the success I’ve had thus far, I may be wearing skirts for the entire trip.

6. According to a spring issue of Real Simple magazine, guys reduce their walking speed by 7% when walking with a romantic interest as opposed to a just-friends kind of girl.

7. My grandma knows what a selfie is. On their 50th anniversary, she and my grandpa tried to take one. It was apparently unsuccessful. But this celebratory photo turned out nice. (Grandma and Grandpa, I am exposing you on the Internet – I apologize! It’s only because you’re too great for me to keep to myself. 🙂 )


8. Twinkies have been resurrected, and they are not terrible. On the road trip home for Easter, my road trip buddy and I decided to try them, because you do strange things after driving for 5 hours. We were surprised by how not-bad they were. (My sister was a loser and did not participate. We have sworn to hold this over her head for the rest of her life.)

9. Parks and Recreation is one TV show that both my brothers and I can actually enjoy together when I’m home on break. This amazing, considering they generally like shows where everyone dies. Thank you, Leslie Knope. I’m liking you more and more all of the time.

What did you learn this month?


As always, I’m linking up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky. Click here to visit the site and read about what other people are learning!


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