March. proper noun. The third month of the year, named for Mars, the Roman god of war. In normal states, it’s the first official month of spring.

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Image via Pinterest


Welcome to What I Learned in March. As always, I’m linking up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky.

1. There’s an app called Spritz to help you speed read. According to this, 80% of reading time is spent physically moving your eyes across the page. To counteract that, this app takes a text and rapidly flashes words on your mobile device. Head here to try it. My thoughts? It makes me a little dizzy. I would never use it for fun reading, but I might consider it for textbooks.

2. Minnesota weather is bipolar.

3. How to cross country ski. Not well, but I can make forward progress, at least. My roommate came up to my house for part of spring break, and we decided to have a small adventure at the state park near my house. This included many small lessons, including 1. My grandma used to cross country ski; 2. Decades-old ski wax is remains ridiculously sticky for weeks; 3. When going down small, steep hills, I should walk sideways rather than attempting to tackle them downhill ski style (because I will wipe out, guaranteed).

4. During World War II, the Nazis plundered thousands of artworks, both to expand the gigantic private collections of Hitler and other officials and to destroy the cultural relics of the supposedly “inferior” people groups. After the war, thousands of these pieces were found perfectly preserved in a salt mine. This, and much more interesting info, comes from the documentary The Rape of Europa, which sounds far more scandalous than it actually is. If you enjoyed The Monuments Men, I suspect you’ll like it. (I haven’t seen it, but I have a reputable source backing me up on this.) Bonus: it’s on Netflix!

5. A London Fog is Earl Grey made with milk and vanilla. It is also one of the most wonderful hot drinks I have ever tried. I’m working on being adventurous with tea drinking, and it’s paying off.

6. Under the right conditions, flour can be up to 50 times as explosive as gunpowder. (Thank you, Mill City Museum.)

7. Some people get married in libraries or bookstores. I didn’t even know this was a thing, but according to the highly reputable What Kind of Wedding Should You Have? quiz on Buzzfeed (I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I actually took that), it is. Some day, this could be valuable information.

8. Getting an itinerary for a trip makes the anticipation said trip far more exciting.

9. A number of Chinese words. In preparation for my trip, I’ve been reviewing the Chinese I learned last year, and I remember more than I expected (and am having more fun relearning than I thought I would, too)!

What have you learned this month?


5 thoughts on “March

  1. Hi Anna…I’m visiting from Emily’s site. Wow…for a bibliophile getting married at a library would be too fun! Who knew. Also, thanks for the London Fog tip. Funny… I mentioned a tea drink I learned about this month in my “Learned” post. I love Earl Grey so I’ll be trying this very soon. I also learned from a South African friend of min that if you put the milk in before the hot water tea comes out super smooth. Yummy.

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing for the tip about milk in tea – I’ve never tried adding it when I make tea myself, but now I definitely will!

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