February. proper noun. The second month of the year, named for a purification feast that used to happen this month. Considered by most to be the last month of winter. (Except if you live in Minnesota, where the weather is crap.)


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Here’s what I learned in February. If you want to see what other people across the Internet are learning, head to the link-up on Emily Freeman’s blog.

  1. By the end of February, I am desperate for spring. I am so dang sick of snow. I want to choose footwear based on factors other than warmth and traction. I want to go outside without putting on a jacket. I want to see colors other than white. I want to not worry about crappy road conditions. Okay, forgive the rant. On to less whiny things.
  2. I am officially going to China this spring! For the girl who has a bit of wanderlust and learned to speak Chinese last year, this is a big deal. I’ll be in Beijing for close to three weeks this May and June with some other students from my school’s education department. Our agenda includes checking out an international school and doing some pretty spectacular sightseeing. I’m pumped.


    I will actually get to see this in person.
    Image via Pinterest

  3. Drinking a glass of water immediately before you go to bed is supposed to help you remember your dreams. I don’t remember where I read this, but it actually worked for the week I tried it. However, this gets exhausting when you have weird dreams for multiple nights in a row. For example, one night, a wolf came running at me while I was stuck in a snowbank in my yard. The next night, people sitting around a campfire were whispering about me and taking pictures of me because I was sitting next to some guy. It was very strange. You should try it and tell me what happens to you.
  4. How to make baked potatoes. (It’s not hard. I’m kind of ashamed that I had to Google it first.)
  5. The TV show Parks and Recreation is actually funny. I was anticipating a variation of The Office, a show I don’t like. (Oh, the shame. But it’s true.) I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Leslie Knope is winning me over. Watch this clip and you’ll see why. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0MKUXNzvDE
  6. On a closely related note, I have an obsessive personality where I either never watch Netflix or want to schedule my entire day around watching Netflix. It’s a problem.
  7. These are the traits of highly sensitive people. I think I’m one of them.
  8. There’s this website called Feedly that is free and awesome and makes reading blogs way easier. You enter the blogs you want to follow, and the website compiles all of the new posts for you. I get stressed out by getting lots of email updates and I am not techy (as in I have heard of RSS feeds, but I don’t know what they are or how they work), so this user-friendly website is golden. It is also way more effective than the bookmark-a-million-blogs-and-forget-to-check-them strategy I have used up until now.
  9. You can have a cold for over three weeks. Over this time span, you may blow your nose through at least an entire roll of toilet paper (if you are unprepared to be blindsided by illness) and almost two boxes of tissues. It will suck.
  10. Nice people at college coffee shops sometimes give you hot water for free. This is beautiful if you are sick and carry your own tea bags with you.
  11. Walgreens-brand Sudafed has more cold-fighting power than Target-brand Dayquil.
  12. How to do some swanky new swing dancing moves. I got to take some informal lessons and go dancing a few times this month, and it was swell.

    This is me. Ha. Not. Image via Pinterest

    What have you learned in February?


One thought on “February

  1. #2 – Yay for travel! I always enjoy the anticipation of a trip almost as much as the trip itself.
    #5 – Ron Swanson is my favorite character in the history of television. Enjoy.
    #8 – Feedly is amazing. Glad you are a convert. 🙂

    P.S. – Here in Wisconsin, the weather is also crap. No Spring in sight, contrary to the calendar months … le sigh.

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