December. Derived from the Latin word for ten, December is the twelfth and final month of the year. It is also often considered the first month of winter.


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I’m linking up with Emily Freeman and sharing What I Learned in December. Keep in mind, I spent December preparing for finals. And procrastinating for preparing for finals. Evaluate this list accordingly.

1. I am weirdly fascinated by Internet personality quizzes. Without them I would not know interesting tidbits such as my Disney villain alter ego is Maleficent, who’s power hungry and hates being left out. You should be terrified of me. Also, of all of the Friends characters, I am most like Monica. Translated for the Friends uninitiated, this means, “You’re a little uptight, but you’re a great cook, a great host, and a great friend.”

2. Blasting One Direction is fabulous motivation to finish studying for one last final. I know. I succumb to catchy pop beats and boys with ridiculous hair. It’s official. I have no taste.


So. Much. Hair.
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3. Speaking of hair, girls’ hair is gross. To the lovely women who live in my hall: I like you a whole lot, but it took half an hour to cut all of your hair off the bottom of the vacuum. That’s sick. There’s one downside of being an RA that I never anticipated.

4. Knitting is a fabulous hobby. As a preteen, I made one very lopsided dishcloth and have neglected the needles since then. Man, have I been missing out.


Yes, this is our family’s Christmas picture, and yes, I was actually knitting.

5. Suzanne Collins, the author of The Hunger Games, uses the adjectives drunk, last-ditch, and lethal more than most authors. (If you’ve read the books, this should not be that surprising.) This information comes from this article, which looks at the variation between words and sentence structures in The Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter. If you’ve read the books and actually like English, it’s fascinating.  If you think word choice and sentence structure are snooze-worthy, I’ll share one more fascinating point with you: It’s scientifically proven that Twilight is emotional drivel.

6. Netflix is both a wonderful and very dangerous thing. One episode of a show ends, and you have a whole 14 seconds to decide if you will be a productive person or waste your life watching a screen. I am a slow processor! It takes me longer than 14 seconds to make good decisions! Since my discovery of Pinterest, procrastination has never been so easy. It may be a good thing my free trial runs out soon.

7. The creators of Frozen, the cute new Disney animated movie, really nailed the older sister/younger sister dynamics between Elsa and Anna. My younger sister is a melodramatic sweetheart who does not excel at long-term planning, just like Anna in the movie. Of the two of us, I am more likely to be icy and isolated. Though I don’t have any magic powers that I know of.


The famous Frozen sisters.
Image via Google Images


The not-quite-as-famous parallels. Can’t you see the similarities (even though this picture is more than 5 years old)?

8. Methods are survivable! For anyone who is not a “teacher candidate” at my school and has no idea what I’m talking about, methods is the semester of intensive classes that instructs future educators how to teach their specific subject areas. Normal classes all get squished into Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while Tuesday and Thursday are dedicated to observing and teaching in a real classroom. Nasty rumors get circulated about this semester. Younger Ed majors, I regret to inform you that most of them are true. You will be sleep deprived and have little free time and stress-eat chocolate late into night. But you will survive. One of my lovely classmates compared completing methods to running a marathon: you’re always exhausted, everyone is cheering you on but doesn’t really understand the pain you’re going through, and your prize for the months of training that got you to the finish line is a crappy t-shirt. I feel a little ripped off that I didn’t even get a t-shirt. But I did cross the finish line, at least.

This concludes the final What I Learned of 2013! As a learner-type girl, I love tracking my cool discoveries outside the academic world of college (and it makes my random Internet surfing seem much more justifiable). I plan on keeping it going in 2014, so watch for more What I Learned next year, too!


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