Jingle. According to me, the sound of sleigh bells. Also another word for songs, particularly catchy, infectious ones.


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Christmas would be so much more festive if it did not coincide with the end of the semester.

This week where “It’s final week” becomes a legitimate excuse for everything.

Even though my finals week is not that crazy.

Maybe especially because my finals week is not that crazy. Meaning I have slightly less panic and slightly more free time.

I watch New Girl. (Don’t judge my guilty pleasure TV. I know it’s a little crass and a little racy and it would be embarrassing to watch some episodes with my parents. I know. But it’s Zooey Deschanel. Really.)

I start Where’d You Go, Bernadette and devour the wacked cast of characters and slight ridiculousness of vacations to Antarctica and mudslides. (The devouring is also because the book doesn’t have chapters, just snippets of communication between characters with a little first-person narration by a brilliant eighth grader. It’s impossible to put down. You just think, “Oh, one more email between Audrey and Soo-Lin,” and then you read for another 20 pages.)

I eat a lot of carbs. (Partly to get rid of all of the perishable foods left in my room before leaving for break, partly because cold weather means no outside runs and the camouflage of cozy layers, partly because I’ve got great plans for the New Year’s workouts that can wait until I have a consistent schedule and little more motivation.)

There’s a whole lot of procrastination going on. Any homework doing currently involves bribery of chocolate, a few (ahem. 20.) pages of my latest read, or some really great music. And since it’s December, that music is quite festive.

I have wholeheartedly embraced Christmas jingles, filling my headphones with snow and silent nights. I’ve been secretly sneaking these songs since it got frosty in November, but now I play them with abandon. It’s my one way to spread Christmas cheer.

I have quite the collection on iTunes, everything from the 40s-era 2-disk collection Christmas with the Stars to the punny Let It Snow, Baby…Let It Reindeer from my adolescent favorite Relient K. And then there’s the magic of Pandora and Spotify.

Out of this vast array, here are some of my favorites.

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Mmm. This is maybe my favorite Christmas song. Maybe. See the previous post for proof. Check out the version by Jars of Clay (and their entire Christmas CD as well, especially if you need some songs that sound a little less glittery than typical holiday fare).

Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant

A beautiful reflection from Mary’s perspective. In my mind, the prayerful melody makes this song worth playing far past December. And Amy Grant is like the queen of Christmas music.

All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

I don’t actually understand why I like this song. But I do. I belt it whenever it comes on in the car, and I’m only slightly ashamed to admit it.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas by Michael Buble

This man makes me swoon. Those deep notes at the beginning? Melting.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Our desperate need for a savior whispered through a simple, haunting tune. There are so many good versions. The violin-driven classic by Selah has striking harmonies, the Civil Wars version is perfectly melancholy, the one by David Crowder Band is exactly the yearning guitar-y greatness you would expect from the David Crowder Band.

Marshmallow World

Because it’s cute and makes winter actually sound fun. When the day’s high temp is 4 °F, I need that. Even if I later walk outside, roll my eyes at the arctic weather being “a time for play,” and get snarky to anyone who claims to wait for winter “the whole year round.”

If you think this is a complete list, you underestimate my deep adoration of Christmas tunes. If you tell me about songs that I should add, I will love you forever. (Or at least until December is done and my homework motivation has returned.)


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