Thankful (edition 1)

Thankful. adjective. According to, “Feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.”

I know, you thought I forgot that I was going to talk about thankfulness in November. But behold! I have not forgotten. Following is a list of some random things I’ve been thankful for this past week. I’ll finish up the series (if this can actually count as a series…) next week!


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1. Family.

This past weekend my family came down to visit. Our high school’s football team conveniently advanced to the state championship on the same day as my younger sister’s band concert at college, so the whole fam got to come hang out in the Cities.

It was great fun.

Highlights include: thrift shopping, because we are poor and enjoy the thrill of finding normal clothing in other people’s reject items, almost buying the same sweater at H&M as my brother (hey, he’s stylish…and I am apparently shopping in the guy’s department now? That’s trendy, right?), and getting stares because my family is a freak show (in the kindest way possible) and five of the six of us hover right around (or way above) six feet tall. Side note: If you ever want to kill a conversation, tell someone, “Wow. You’re really tall.” How are you supposed to respond to that? “Yep. (blank stare).” “Um, thanks…I think.” “Yeah, I was genetically engineered for basketball.” There are no good options.

Oh yes. And this photo shoot, which took about 20 minutes because one of my brothers starts crying if he laughs too hard and physically cannot stop. This is what resulted.


Yep. That’s about right. At least Caleb looks good.


Ooh, this is even more accurate. We all look like idiots. We were trying to do the Titanic pose. I have no idea why. Caleb looks like he might actually fly away, Andrew is about to start crying again, I look like I am a pirate (arggg!), and Brita is just confused. (How does she not know about the Titanic pose? Where has she been for the past 18 years? Oh, that’s right. Living in a home without a TV.)


Oh look! Normal people! I think this shot was a fluke.

2. Music.

Lately I have not been able to do homework without some melody whispering through my headphones. It brings a little joy and variety to the endless stream of homework looming before Thanksgiving. This week, I’ve been doing a lot of Pandora, flipping between the Classic Broadway station (which I kind of ruined by liking too many varied musicals) when I need epic motivation, Sara Bareilles when I need mellow late-night company, and NEEDTOBREATHE when I need a little folky worship. I have also started playing the Christmas music. No, it’s not Thanksgiving yet. No, I have no shame about this.

3. Picture Books.

Sometimes I get a little discouraged with my current place in learning to be a teacher. It’s not that I regret my major or anything – it’s just that I’ve taught too many grammar lessons and scripted too many lesson plans this semester. I’m missing the fun stuff that actually made me want to teach English. And then, for one of my classes, I got to pick out and read picture books. Rich illustrations! Actual stories! Beautiful language! Be still my heart. I actually like this stuff.

4. Giggles.

I am not a giggler. (Actually, I’m more like Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina when her crush has taken up with a giggler and she mutters “I hate girls who giggle all the time.”) But I had a moment on Tuesday morning where I couldn’t help it. I woke up, convinced myself to get out of bed, and went to take a shower. I passed my roommate on the way to the bathroom, which was weird because I’m always the first person awake in my room, but I proceeded with my morning business. While washing my hair, I could barely keep my eyes open, and decided that 1. It would be a really long day at my school placement, and 2. I really would need a nap when I got home. I dried off and came out of the bathroom to find my roommate back in bed, which was extra weird, because in the two years I’ve lived with her, she’s never done that. Then, while pulling my clothes out of my dresser, I happened to look at the clock. It was 2:15 a.m. Somehow I had woken up, convinced myself that my alarm had gone off, and started getting ready without realizing that it was the middle of the night. My roommate had just been going to bed for the night. She was thoroughly confused. I was thoroughly confused. And I had to giggle. Because really, when you do something that dumb, what else are you going to do?

5. Fleece-lined Tights.

Imagine this scenario with me. You decide to wear a skirt to your school placement because you are teaching and want to look attractive. To your chagrin, it begins snowing while you are at school. You need to fill on gas before you drive home. However, you worry that your skirt-clad legs might actually freeze off. Enter epic fleece-lined tights that are warm and comfy and amazing. Guess what? This is not a commercial, and this scenario actually happened. You can buy these awesome tights at Gap for $20 if you are rich, or TJ Maxx or the Nordstrom Rack for half that price if you are poor. Guess where I bought mine?

6. Chocolate. And Cookies.


Next week. Same topic. Same place. Bring mashed potatoes. In the meantime, what are you thankful for?


11 thoughts on “Thankful (edition 1)

  1. I loved this Thanksgiving themed message! Every word gave me joy! Your siblings are awesome and good looking to boot! As I write this your relative, my husband, is up editing his new book. It must be a family gene. I am thankful for your ability to write and express yourself!

    • Grandpa likes to write, too (except he swears he’s no good at it – I think the people who get his letters would disagree)! It must be some family trait 🙂

  2. You should probably know that I re-read these things until I have essentially every word memorized. Especially this week because I needed it. Just like I needed to hug your sister on Friday and just like I need Caleb to help me get through physics. My point here is that you guys are the best family that aren’t actually my family. I not really fond of ever really needing anyone but I’m okay with it as long as it’s you guys.

      • But does it really count as tolerating if I’m at least as weird as you all are? Plus if weird and completely awesome ever meant the same thing, it would be in reference to all the 1 am strangeness we seem to create!

  3. Oh and I forgot Andrew in that earlier comment! I don’t know what I need him for, but I’m sure it’s something’s,

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