October. Proper noun. According to Wikipedia, it’s the tenth month of the year, whose name was derived from the word Latin word octo, which means eight (since once upon a time, January or February did not exist).


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Announcing What I Learned, edition October.

  1. Apparently when evaluating someone’s mood by looking only at their eyes, I read flirtation as hostility. Well. That bodes well for my flirting life. Maybe it’s mostly nonexistent for a reason. Otherwise, I am “quite good” at judging people’s emotions based on facial cues. If you have time to waste or are curious about your mind-reading powers, you can take test yourself here.
  2. How to square dance. At a hoedown. Where I wore cowboy boots. It was great. If this whole teaching thing falls through, I might return to my childhood ambition to be a cowgirl.
  3. Even crazy college girls need to read good books (that aren’t textbooks and that actually have a plot). I read an entire one the afternoon before I went on fall break while I was supposed to be studying for a final. Whoops. Books are apparently my version of Netflix. (I still did fine on that final, if you were concerned.) I have recently been trying to keep myself from desperately swallowing stories and words instead the facts and ideas of my homework. Sometimes it works.
  4. My motivation disappears the closer breaks get (see Number 3. And just watch me in the upcoming weeks before Thanksgiving break.)
  5. Group thank-you notes are far more entertaining when written round-robin style, one word at a time, with your mom and sister. Especially when they are written late at night with one person who is sarcastic, one person who has a bad attitude about making decisions, and one person who is an English major.
  6. I love giraffes a whole lot. Especially baby giraffes. I think I feel some sort of tall, awkward kinship with them.
    How could you not adore this little dude?

    How could you not adore this little dude?

    Super excited about this guy. And look! He's even taller than me!

    Look! He’s even taller than me!

  7. As a rule, I get less sleep when I go home for break than I do while at college.
  8. I may need a What Not To Wear intervention soon, since I’ve been creating some kind of wacky outfits lately. Pattern mixing inspiration on Pinterest may have gone a little too far. Can someone tell me – do checks and polka dots actually work in real life? How about floral and stripes? Stacy and Clinton, I need you!

    Cooincidentally, this is at that hoedown from #2. First, apologies to Peter, who was nice enough to go with me and now gets dragged into a blog post about my outfit insecurity. Second, I wouldn't wear the cowboy boots in real life. Okay, that's a lie - I totally might.Coincidentally, this is at that hoedown from #2. First, apologies to Peter, who was nice enough to go with me and now gets dragged (along with the prize fish) into a blog post about my outfit insecurity. Second, I am wearing cowboy boots and mixed patterns here, both of which I may or may not do in non-hoedown life.

    In this outfit, please note the striped grungy hat I stole (okay, took with permission) from my grandpa and the chevron scarf I've had for years. Underneath I am wearing a cardigan in yet another shade of blue. Heavenly days. (But isn't that giraffe cute, at least?)In this outfit, please note the grungy hat I stole (with permission) from my grandpa and the mismatched chevron scarf. Underneath I am wearing a cardigan in yet another shade of blue. Heavenly days. (But isn’t that giraffe cute, at least?)

  9. I really, really hate assignments that are due at midnight on Friday.  They cause me to spend my Friday nights frantically finishing homework rather than doing activities such as watching a movie or having a life. I don’t know whether to blame this issue on my procrastinating or professors who pick terrible, horrible, no good, very bad deadlines.
  10. I am not good about doing this whole month in review time, smack dab on the conclusion of the month. My apologies.

If you’re still with me, I feel like I should acknowledge that this post feels shallow and chatty, like the People magazine version of my life. Maybe I talked about clothes and break too much. Maybe my reserves of depth and insight have been spilled out elsewhere for the time being.

I’m mostly okay with that.

I won’t be like this every time.

And to make up for it, this month, I’m going to be starting something deep and thought-provoking. (Okay, more like random and occasionally intriguing.) Throughout November, I’m going to tackle the topic of thankfulness. I’m sure your mind is blown by the originality of this combination. But still. As I look ahead to a dark, dreary month where the sun has set by 5:00 and where homework loads explode and where the Christmas cheeriness hasn’t hit yet, I think I’ll need a little thankfulness. If you do, too, be watching throughout November!


One thought on “October

  1. For the record, I love your “People Magazine” posts just as much as the thoughtful and contemplative ones 🙂 You always make me smile, and I ALWAYS resonate with what you’re saying. (I’m constantly wondering what Stacy and Clinton would think, haha!) Thank you for sharing–every post is a joy and delight to read. Can’t wait for the November installment!

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