September. proper noun. The ninth month of the year, though its name actually comes from the Latin word septurn, meaning seven. Like that’s not confusing.


This is how September went. Except I didn’t look quite so chill. And it was generally dark and closer to midnight when I was doing this. Okay, so this is actually how I wish September would have went…
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What I Learned, September edition. Scribbled in the wee pockets of free time I manage to steal to keep me sane. Linked up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky. Read and be amazed at how flaky I become once school heats up.

  1. This “What I Learned” business is way easier to do if you keep track of things throughout the month and write them down as they occur. Just sayin’.
  2. I actually like skinny jeans. Everyone who is fashion-forward is wondering what rock I’ve been living under for the past five years. But I haven’t lived under a rock – I had a pair in eighth grade that were cute! And I use them for boot-tucking convenience! And mostly I had self-esteem issues about my thighs and honkin’ feet, and I thought something fitted would make things worse. But I got over that. (A massive sale on extra-longs at American Eagle helped.)
  3. How to manage stress. Emphasis on the learning part – I sure haven’t mastered this one for sure. At least I’ve realized how much needless worrying I do: I freak out when I look ahead to crazy days, and I stress about getting everything completed. But so far, a jam-packed day has never killed me, and miraculously, things always get done. Now I just need to remind myself of that on Sunday nights when I look at the upcoming week in my planner and want to cry.
  4. Belle (a la Beauty and the Beast) was inspired by characters from Little Women and Katharine Hepburn. No wonder she’s my favorite Disney princess.
  5. According to my boss, I use the word super as a modifier almost excessively. (Haven’t taken advanced grammar? This just means I say things like “super stressed” or “super busy.” Apparently a lot.)
  6. Watching Les Mis the movie makes me feel better about reading Les Mis the book. Number one, I knew when to look away so I would not burst into tears. (Gavroche, my favorite little sprite, dies? No sob-filled surprise, thankfully.) But number two, I knew all kinds of backstory that everyone else missed. Like how Fantine ended up alone and with a child and why she’s singing about love never dying in “I Dreamed a Dream.” And why it’s so cool that Gavroche lives in an elephant. And why Marius has anything to do with the Thernardiers. And that Cosette and Marius actually know each other for more than one night before they’re torn apart, swearing eternal love. So now I don’t think reading the book was a total and complete waste of a month’s reading powers. And “I Dreamed a Dream” spontaneously gets stuck in my head.
  7. I am really overwhelmed by big suburban high schools. The one where I’m observing for my teaching classes right now is twice as big as my entire hometown. It’s crazy. Especially if you go in the hallways between classes.
  8. The more you do lesson plans, the faster you get at making them. Your attitude about scripting out every single thing you might say may not improve (actually, it will most likely get worse), but the overall process gets speedier and less agonizing.
  9. How to make rice on the stove. It’s not even that hard! And it’s cheap! And it tastes good! I’m getting so thrifty and domestic.
  10. It is possible to get sunburned in the tail end of September under the right conditions. These conditions include, but are not limited to: attending a Twins game around 1:00 p.m. in unseasonably warm weather, sitting directly in the (blissfully) hot sunshine, and having practically translucent Scandinavian skin like me.

And thus, autumn continues. Stay tuned for next month’s insights!

P.S. What have you learned this month?

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