August. proper noun. According to official sources, the eighth month of the year named for Augustus. According to me, the sweaty summer finale that brings school supplies back to stores and desperation for more sweet summer to me.

A month of whirlwinds and high flying. (Also see number for further relevance.) Photo credit to my dad.

A month of whirlwindy high flying. (Also see Number 5 on the list for further relevance.) Photo credit to my dad.

Remember way back at the end of July, where I linked up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky and recounted all of the random info I picked up during the month? I’m officially making this a thing. Don’t worry, now that school’s back on this won’t become a summary of a month’s worth of book and lecture learning. That would take way too long and be way too boring. This is for the fun and flaky only. On that note, here’s what I picked up in August.

1. Flynn Ryder (of Tangled fame) was originally going to be British. I don’t know how I feel about this. I adore British accents. But I also like Flynn the way he is, as the devilish floppy-haired secret softie who smolders. I don’t know if a British boy could smolder appropriately.

2. The mind spends something like 70% of its time coming up with imaginary situations, perfect or otherwise. This is a random Pinterest fact that I can now no longer find. It may or may not be true. But it is interesting, and knowing it might make you self-consciously analyze your thought patterns.

3. The weather in Minnesota is confused and annoying. 60 degree days during swimming lessons: bad. 90 degree days while in class and training: bad. 60 degree day during the last weekend at the lake: bad. Next summer, Minnesota, please get your act together.

4. This cool company called MudLove exists. They take clay, stamp words into it, and turn it into jewelry. Twenty percent of the profit goes to getting clean water in Africa. And the bracelets ring in at a college student-approved $5. Order yourself one. Or seven. (Although that would negate the college student-approved part.)

5. Paying $3.75 to ride the flying swings at the Minnesota State Fair is totally worth it. They light up and go way higher and faster than any dinky county fair ride. (And if you live my life, one of your brothers might offer to sit by himself and you’ll joke that it’s because he’s hunting for a woman and seconds later a perky blonde girl might sit down next to him and start chatting it up. If this happens, your other brother and you will laugh hysterically. And your dad might take stalker photos. It will be great.)

Little bro Andrew and I on the swings (see the mirthful glee as we laugh about our other brother?) Photo credit to my dad.

Little bro Andrew and I on the swings (see the mirthful glee as we laugh about our other brother?). Photo credit to my dad.

6. I should not be in the military. I get mighty anxious about being shot at when I’m playing laser tag, where the only thing that happens when I get nailed is my talking headband grunts in pain. I would stink in real, dangerous combat with real, dangerous bullets.

7. The following things are not in my skill set: leading large groups where I don’t know anyone’s name, having self control around fried food and Sweet Martha’s Cookies at the Minnesota State Fair, playing Rook (a game of strategy that my dad loves and attempted to teach me and my siblings) especially when paired with my similarly strategy-challenged brother, taking selfies that don’t look idiotic, accompanying for people on the piano after not playing in public for two years, making small talk, and rollerskating.

8. Having a car at college is possibly the coolest thing ever. I can drive myself to Target! I can get a library card! I can do emergency runs to get more paint chips at a sketchy Menards! (A long story about decorating my dorm hall…) The possibilities are endless. (Unlike the parking spots on campus. I’ve parked in Hell – the unofficial nickname for the overflow lot a hike away from the dorms – twice thus far, and I am not thrilled about it.)

9. If you are in the right store (the Nordstrom Rack in the Mall of America) at the right time (a random Sunday afternoon) with the right person (your sale-spotting mama), you can find formerly $70 jeans for $1. I am not joking. I have the tags to prove it.

11. Blogging regularly when you have homework is tricky. I’m going to stick with the monthly “What I Learned” jazz, but I may not write weekly installments for reasons of sanity and scheduling. But I’ll do my best. (Both to write, and to remain sane.) Until next time…


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      • I miss you, too! So often I think about and miss everyone being together in Dr. Black’s office. I hope all of you beautiful ladies are doing well! Haha, well, some weeks are better than others, but it’s become a necessary outlet for me!

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