July. proper noun. The seventh month of the year, named after Julius Caesar.


July in a photo: sunset gorgeousness, windblown ponytails, family fun, zero makeup

(This post would be otherwise titled as What I Learned in July. But I didn’t want to break the theme, you know.)

Today, I’m being techy and linking up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky. (P.S. You should read her blog. And her book Grace for the Good Girl. They’re rather fabulous.) Every month she does a summary of what she’s learned during the month. So behold, here is my very random list of stuff that I learned in July.

1. Spit unfogs swimming goggles. I tried it in desperation one day when all I could see through my goggles was vague blue fuzz, and it actually worked. I now have non-foggy goggles and a way to gain coolness points with little boys who love gross stuff.

2. If a little cutie tells me that she wants to be a swimming lessons teacher when she grows up and gives me flowers on her last day of lessons, I will love her forever.

3. When you go to Despicable Me 2 on your twentieth birthday, the theater will have far more teenagers than small children. (Lesson 3 ½: That movie is hilarious and I want a minion.) At least I’m not the only one with the maturity of a ten year old.

4. Les Miserables should be read as an abriged version. The plotline is fine, even good at some parts, but the actual plot only takes up half of the book. The rest is long, rather irrelevant and confusing, description. It is finishable (I actually did it!), but you might want to swear or throw the book across the room or quit and read something that’s actually engaging. Sorry, classic literature fans.

5. When you read a book as fabulous as The Fault in Our Stars (by John Green) after finishing Les Miserables, you will find yourself physically unable to put it down and you will read until 2 in the morning. Seriously. Snarky narrator, crush-worthy love interest, quotable lines, unexpected storyline – it’s one of my favorite books I’ve read this summer.

6. I really, really, really enjoy glue guns. And sewing machines. And scissors. And other potentially dangerous craft supplies. They’re like the female equivalent of power tools. (And this month I used them a lot. July’s project totals: 1 t-shirt quilt, 2 pennant banners, 1 yarn-covered letter banner, 1 book page-covered storage container. Pinterest rocks, people.)

7. Getting your wisdom teeth out can cause permanent nerve damage or be fatal. Thank you, scary pre-surgery video.

8. Having a new car that you paid for all by yourself is super duper exciting. Driving three hours by yourself after picking up said car is not. You may stab the seek button on the radio a lot of times and begin talking to yourself. However, getting the spiffy Nimbus 2000 (otherwise known as the Oldsmobile Alero with a Harry Potter-inspired name) is most certainly worth it.

9. The TV show Numbers makes me nervous. I should expect this, since everything with intensity and/or guns makes me want to pace around my living room or hide my face in a magazine. I feel slightly ashamed that even a TV show about math has this effect on me.

10. Hassock is a word. It means a padded footstool. And I have a retro avocado-colored one pilfered from my grandma’s attic.  At least it has more character than anything I’d find at Target.

11. I kinda like this “what I learned” business. And I might continue it. Check back next month (and weekly in between then, too)!


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