Blog: noun. According to Urban Dictionary, “Short for weblog. A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life. Consists of such riveting entries as ‘homework sucks’ and ‘I slept until noon today.’”

Well then. I have serious reservations about beginning my career as a blogger on such a promising note. Maybe choosing a definition from a more reputable source than Urban Dictionary would have been wise. At least I am now informed about what not to do in this new world – I won’t talk about my sleep habits (I don’t know the last time I slept until noon, anyways) and I won’t whine about homework. With those guidelines in place, I think this blogging thing is going to go well. Maybe.

So why am I wasting time pecking out my words into one of the countless blogs clogging the Internet? In a word, procrastination. A girl has to put off her homework some way, and this feels more productive than going on Pinterest for hours at a time.

Just kidding (kind of). There are far better reasons than bad work habits for tossing the contents of my brain onto your computer screen. Number one, I like to write. This statement does always apply to churning out papers and discussion posts and lesson plans for classes. Rather, I love to tumble words around in my mind, spilling them in sentences onto journal pages or Word documents or class notes or napkins to spell out my thoughts and feelings and opinions. I think through my fingers, sometimes not realizing how I feel until I see words scrawled in black ink. As a college girl, I also don’t practice this nearly enough. The writer gets snubbed by the academic who must mass-produce words to get grades. She gets uncertain and her skills slowly rust, her fingers itching to use alliteration and sentence fragments and slang with abandon rather than sitting stiffly in the safe confines of Edited American English. This is my attempt to set that hesitant little writer free.

There also is the matter of beauty. I like beautiful things. I like to share beautiful things with other people. I like to imagine that my words are beautiful things that others might like to see. So here they are. Sometimes the beauty might be a little rough, like an paint-splattered canvas that no one, not even the artist, really gets. On other days, things might be a little more polished. But whether it’s a corny comment that makes you smile or a snippet of insight that gets you thinking, I pray that what I write will help you see beauty.

So, that’s it. Here begins my attempt at recording my life. I’ll try to come back regularly, and I hope you will too. Unless things become meandering, uninteresting, stupid, or pathetic. In that case, stop reading immediately, and we’ll all admit that Urban Dictionary actually knows what it’s talking about.


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